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Name: Anthony Tomey
Job title: Apprentice Engineer
Employer: A&M Heating
Qualification: Level 3 Diploma in Gas Engineering

It’s never too late to retrain and begin a new career

Apprenticeships are often seen as being only for school leavers or young people entering the world of work, but at the Apprenticeship Academy we’re proud to have a number of apprentices who have changed careers currently training to become qualified gas engineers.

One such apprentice is Anthony Tomey, who in his early thirties decided he wanted to transform his career and is now completing his Level 3 Diploma in Gas Engineering at our facilities in Nottingham.

Anthony is completing his apprenticeship with the support of A&M Heating, a Lincolnshire -based heating and plumbing services company. Here, Anthony tells us more about his experience so far…


Tell us a bit about why you decided to do an Apprenticeship?

Before coming to the Apprenticeship Academy, I was an HGV Lorry Mechanic for a number of years, but I’d reached the point where I felt like I wasn’t progressing much in my career and I didn’t have much job satisfaction. I sat down with my wife and we looked at all the opportunities that were available and decided that retraining to become a gas engineer would provide the stability I would need to support my family and build for our future. At 33, going back to college and learning a completely new skill was a big step to take and with bills to pay and a family to support, it definitely wasn’t a quick decision. However, I believe that age really shouldn’t hold you back and I’m proof it’s never too late.

What do you think of the Apprenticeship Academy and its facilities?

I’m definitely a hands-on learner and the training offered at the Apprenticeship Academy works perfectly for me. The apprenticeship course combines classroom and practical learning as well as giving you the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience – I think being able to have a go at something for yourself is the best way to learn. The facilities here are fantastic, there is plenty of room in the bays and it’s safe and secure. You’ve got everything you need here to learn and progress throughout your course.

What are your career plans once you complete your apprenticeship?

At the moment, I’m really focused on completing my course and becoming a qualified Gas Engineer, but I have big dreams for the future. My long-term goal is to move abroad with my family and set up my own heating business. I know I’ve got to put to a lot of work, time and effort in now if I want to achieve my goals, but that’s why I’m so determined to complete this apprenticeship.

What would you say to anyone else thinking about doing an apprenticeship?

I would definitely recommend to anyone that they should give it a go. When I first thought about changing my career, I thought I was too old to do an apprenticeship but there is so much help out there and I’d recommend seeking advice on the support and grants available for adult apprentices. It is a big leap and a big decision for anyone to make, but I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Age shouldn’t be a barrier for anyone and in my experience, there are apprentices of all ages, from all backgrounds who are just looking for a new start and a fresh challenge. I’m very grateful that A&M Heating gave me this opportunity and I really feel like I’ve been given a second chance at finding my dream career. I would encourage any employers to get involved in the scheme and consider taking an apprentice on, the long-term benefits to the could be huge.

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