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Name: Bhupinder Singh Heer
Job title: Apprentice Engineer
Employer: HomeServe
Qualification: Level 3 Diploma in Gas Engineering

Taking on a new challenge

HomeServe is a business that has been built around supporting and encouraging the development of its employees, and at the Apprenticeship Academy we work closely with HomeServe to provide best-in-class training for their future engineers. Bhupinder ‘Popsy’ Singh Heer had worked in the Contact Centre at HomeServe for more than 11 years when he decided he wanted to challenge himself and take on a role on the frontline, completely changing his career.

Through the Apprenticeship Academy, Popsy is now undertaking his training to become a qualified gas engineer for HomeServe. We sat down with Popsy to find out more about his story…

Tell us a bit about why you decided to do an Apprenticeship?

I’ve been working for HomeServe for the past 11 years and I was really looking for a new challenge, so I sat down with HomeServe – the CEO actually – to discuss the options available. The apprenticeship scheme seemed like a fantastic route to employment and I was really pleased to have been accepted onto the course. I’ve wanted to become a Gas Engineer for about four years and having spent so many years talking to HomeServe customers and really understanding what they need, I felt I could bring some unique skills to this role.

What do you think of the Apprenticeship Academy and its facilities?

The facilities are absolutely brilliant and I’m so excited to really get stuck into the course and be able to take advantage of all the different training bays the Academy has. They’ve got everything from boilers, to different pipework and kitchens which will allow us to practice all areas of gas engineering in a safe environment. I’m much more of a practical learner and being able to learn hands-on at the apprenticeship academy suits me perfectly. The trainers are brilliant too, they take things at a good pace and they’re always happy to answer any of our questions. I’ve definitely got a lot to learn but I’m excited to throw myself into it.

What are your career plans once you complete your apprenticeship?

I’m hoping that I can continue my journey with HomeServe and really build my career as a gas engineer within the business. I’ve got 18-months of training to complete first, and I’ll be combining my training at the Academy with on-the-job training four days a week.

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