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Name: Dan Jaques
Job title: Apprentice Engineer
Employer: Boiler Cert
Qualification: Level 3 Diploma in Gas Engineering

Nottingham plumbing and heating firm invests in apprentices to build future success

A growing young Nottingham plumbing and heating firm says investing in ambitious apprentices is an important route to future expansion and success.

Bridgeford Business Park-based BoilerCert director Lyndsey Keightley says the 16-strong engineering team actively looks to train and develop apprentices so they can expand and build a like-minded, ambitious unit that will take the business into the future. 


What they needed

Lyndsey said: “The work we do is intense and long hours and so we’re conscious that to be effective we need a team that’s aligned and focused, with the same ideals as us.  
“We’re looking for polite, approachable people who are respectful of our clients and will be an ambassador for our brand as well as being excellent at what they do.

“We expect a lot and that’s why we’re also prepared to give a lot back.  We want to invest in training and skills over and above the day-to-day and we want to employ and bring on people that are hungry for knowledge and want a real career, not just a job.”  

More about BoilerCert

The 12-year-old firm was launched by Charlie Keightley in 2008 and works closely with Nottingham estate agents to maintain their tenanted properties. The business has grown year-on-year and has nurtured four apprentices over that time, with a view to take on more.

More about Dan

This month they have taken on 25-year-old apprentice Dan Jacques, who will be studying Level 3 diploma in gas engineering for the next 22 months at the Nottingham-based HomeServe Academy. Lyndsey said: “When we met Dan, we knew he was a good fit.  He’s a hard worker, really ambitious and we’re looking forward to opening up extra training opportunities for him in the future. 

What makes the Academy different

We’ve just started working with HomeServe and they have literally held our hand through the initial paperwork and funding – plus we’ll get regular 12-week updates on Dan’s progress.” But the firm has not always had a good experience of working with training centres in the past.

She said: “Often we’ve found that they don’t report back how apprentices are doing or even whether they are turning up for their training sessions. When you are a small firm, you can’t always chase apprentices down or handle some of the more complicated, time-consuming paperwork and arrangements, it just adds time to a very long day.”

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