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Employer name: Dylan Jones, Director
Business: Ongas
Apprentice Name: Ben Coyle
Qualification: Level 3 Diploma in Gas Engineering

Apprenticeships are the key to building the workforce of the future

At the Apprenticeship Academy, we see hardworking, driven individuals thriving in apprenticeship roles every day. We know the impact an apprentice can have on a business, and we’ve seen so many able to diversify, upskill and strengthen the skills of their team through this route.

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The value of apprentices

Ongas, a small heating firm based in Gloucester is a fantastic example of just how much an apprentice can bring to a business. Dylan Jones, the Director at Ongas did an apprenticeship himself before going on to run his own successful heating business, which now employs three full-time engineers. Dylan has now taken the step to take on his first apprentice Ben, who has joined our latest cohort of apprentices training at our academy in Nottingham.

16-year-old Ben is completing his Level 3 diploma in gas engineering with Ongas after completing a week-long placement with the firm. Here, Dylan tells us more about his experience so far…


Can you tell us a bit about why you decided to take on an apprentice?

Ben actually did a week’s work placement with us through his school, and in that short amount of time I could already tell he would be a great addition to the team. We’ve struggled in the past to find the right people for roles, and with our workload busier than it ever has been before, taking Ben on as an apprentice seemed like a no brainer. 

I did an apprenticeship myself and with more that 30 years’ experience in this industry I believe it is definitely the best way to train new engineers and ensure that they will be highly skilled and good at their job. From an employer’s point of view, you have the ability to shape your people and help them build the skills your business needs, and most of the time you’ll find that they stick with you for many years.

I believe apprenticeships will play such an important role in ensuring we have highly skilled gas engineers for the future.

Your business is based quite far away from Nottingham, so why did you choose the Apprenticeship Academy by HomeServe?

Initially, I tried to set the apprenticeship up through our local college, but the process was really difficult and time-consuming and so in the end I just gave up.  But I still really wanted to offer Ben this opportunity, and through the HomeServe Network I found out about the Apprenticeship Academy.

Having worked with HomeServe for many years, I knew they were a company I could trust and so I decided to get in touch and see if there was anything they could do to help. The entire process was fast, simple and easy and the team at the Academy were there to help with everything. It was just so easy! 

What would you say to other businesses who were thinking about taking on an apprentice?

Just do it! Ben is already a huge asset to Ongas and a real part of the team, and this apprenticeship will allow him to get the qualifications he needs, whilst also giving him real life, on the job experience – which is invaluable within the trades sectors.

At the moment, the incentives for employers hiring an apprentice are the highest they have ever been, so I’d say don’t miss the opportunity! If you’re worried about the time or the process, then from my experience the Apprenticeship Academy can help you with all of this and will make the hiring and training journey an easy one.

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